Personal rights protection case – favourable and final judgment

News / 13.04.2023

The firm’s lawyers successfully concluded a case for the protection of personal rights. The case concerned a statement made by the law firm’s Client in an interview given to one of the portals, in which the opposing party claimed that the statement violated personal rights, such as honour, good name and business reputation. The claimant demanded that an apology be published.

The Court of Appeal in Rzeszów, similarly to the Regional Court in Rzeszów, shared the argumentation of the law firm’s attorneys and advocates that in the context of the overall factual circumstances of the case and the broad situational background related to the multifaceted relations of the parties and their affiliated entities (also in the context of competing professional relations), the statement of the law firm’s Client found a justified factual basis for expressing the assessment contained in the interview, and thus did not remain unlawful, which excludes the possibility to pursue claims for infringement of personal rights.